Google Releases A buzz Widget for Android Phones —

Only several weeks after the rather shaky launch of Google buzz, Google has released a pretty nifty widget for Android phones.  The widget allows you to quickly and easily buzz from your phone’s start screen.  It also has a button to quickly allow you to insert an image, and tag the post with the location you are posting from.  This should give Google buzz another major shot in the arm, especially in the location realm since users don’t have to open up an application to buzz from their phones.  I am very impressed by the looks of this, and it should be interesting to see if any non-Android phones adopt a similar widget approach for buzz.  We all know that widgets are not possible on iPhones because of the operating system their operating system.

The new Android widget is available in English only for Android phones running v1.6 or higher.  To download the new widget, simply search for ‘Google Buzz’ in the Android Market. Once installed, you can add it to your home screen. Press “Menu” while on the home screen and select “Add> Widgets > Google Buzz”.

Below is a quick look at the layout used for the new buzz widget: